a wide variety of die & press accessories to complete your converting system

Custom solutions to your converting challenges may be as simple as adding ejection foam to a die or as complex as designing a customized manifold to specify a unique ejection point. Our listing of die & press accessories is just a taste of the custom solutions Midway can provide to accelerate your converting capabilities


components key to the success of your converting challenge

Midway Rotary Die Solutions has the capability to develop solutions for die and press components in addition to the dies. 

For matched set tooling utilizing a stripping pin anvil, Midway will design and manufacture the required stripping comb replacements or the complete assembly ready to bolt to your press frame.

Replacement pins for your stripping pin anvil will keep your waste removal process running properly.  We’ll provide pins in any quantity.  

Standard Air Ejection utilizes an air probe or wand that is inserted through the journal of the die. The end of the probe is attached to an air hose and provides forced air to the center of the die. This is typically a one-time purchase per press station, however, Midway offers replacement probes as needed in various lengths.

    Many older presses do not come equipped with gauges for monitoring die pressure.  Our precision digital load cells can be adapted to any press and are portable enough to move from station to station.

    • Digital Electronic Pressure Monitor: Electronic pressure transducers used in Midway’s Digital Electronic Pressure Monitor offer high accuracy readings in a digital format.  Running tooling at the lowest necessary cutting pressure reduces stress on the die, gears, and anvil, thus extending die life and increasing profitability.

      Also, the digital readouts show real-time pressure allowing the operator to monitor the tool during the press run.  Each unit is completely portable and may be moved from press to press, station to station.  Because the monitor design is universal and not press specific, the Midway monitor offers great flexibility.

    • Hydraulic Pressure Gauges: For harsh environments or for applications that require a more permanent set up, our hydraulic pressure monitors fit the bill.  Since the hydraulic system requires an entire gauge set and cross bar, each set is manufactured to existing press specifications.  Hydraulic gauges apply pressure directly over the bearers of the tool to insure proper location of the load.
      • Hardened Gears offer increased life when used in areas where gear access is difficult and time consuming. Extended life makes gear change less frequent, reducing costs. 
      • AGMA 10 Gearing is essential for tooling where tight tolerance production is required.  By reducing tooth-to-tooth composite error, dies produce consistent tight-tolerance parts.   
      • Phase Adjustable Gearing from Midway is a must for matched set tooling.  The simple design allows precise matching of die and anvil for single station cutting and creasing applications.  The ability to adjust tooling without removing the dies saves considerable press time. 

      The Midway ThermoDie™ Infrared Heat Controller uses a non-contact heat sensor to accurately hold surface die temperature to +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit.  Using Programmable Internal Digital software, our controller offers the user the ability to reproduce accurate seals over and over without temperature overshoot.  Used extensively in heat-sealing applications, this highly accurate heat controller uses 110-volt electrical current and is easily moved from machine to machine.

      Solid-state components offer years of service with extremely high accuracy.  The unit comes complete with rotary coupling, heat cartridge, instructions and 1-year warranty.

      Larger dies typically have larger diameter journals. Midway has had customers approach us who have purchased used or new presses that only have journal blocks for smaller diameter journals and need larger ones (or vise versa). Our design team can collaborate with you on obtaining proper measurements to manufacture custom journal blocks to fit your press station.

      Pulse Air dies are designed to work with a custom air manifold to control and direct the burst of air to each cavity as the die rotates. Similarly, Vacuum Transfer dies pair with a special air manifold that aids in holding a part in the die cavity with vacuum and transferred around the die to a preferred point of ejection. Though either variation of manifold does come with the die, additional manifolds or modified versions can be ordered. Customers have had changes in production that required them to change their ejection point and Midway was able to offer an inexpensive solution of designing and manufacturing a new manifold with the updated ejection point.

      Midway’s Bearer Impression Assembly replaces out-of-date die journal loading systems or may be added to equipment to increase die station rigidity and performance.  Designed for your specific equipment, the direct bearer loading and real-time pressure monitoring reduces set-up time and eliminates blade damage due to excess pressure on the tool.  Bearer wipes and lubrication are available when not present on current equipment, reducing die-to-anvil bearer friction and damage.

      Midway’s BIA is manufactured complete including top plate with pressure screws, double-truck pressure bridge, and hydraulic or digital pressure gauges.

      Vacuum journal blocks replace standard journal blocks so a shop vac or collection system hose can be attached directly when running a feed-thru vacuum set up.

        Most new presses are equipped with an adjustable double-truck hold down system, however, older ones or certain models come with set hold-down systems. Though not recommended by Midway, we have seen customers load on the journals rather than the bearers. We are able to take simple measurements and press station information from you and create an adjustable double-truck hold down system that allows you to load the pressure on the bearers properly, and adjust to the left and right to accommodate variations in bearer locations, as in pulse air dies for example.

        To aid in the ejection of parts from die cavities, we offer various thicknesses and densities of ejection foam to apply to your die. We can apply this in house or you can order rolls of ejection from us directly. If there is a thickness of foam you are looking for that we don’t carry as a stock item, we have the resources to obtain this for you. Contact your Midway representative if you’d like to receive samples for consideration.


        we back our work with a guarantee – if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund.

        Most companies claim to create high-quality solutions, have great customer service, technical expertise – but at Midway, we back out work with a guarantee that if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund. With experience in a wide range of markets, we approach each project with the confidence and understanding that no two applications are alike. We take the time to listen to our customers to truly understand their needs and find the best solution custom-fit to their unique challenge.



        Midway helps you exceed industry standards, regulations and environmental protection goals while maximizing long-term performance and reliability. With over 4 decades of industry-leading experience, we put quality first. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and have proudly met specifications for safety and contingency planning since 2002.