providing unique solutions to manufacturing challenges requiring matched tooling

Many applications require ‘matched’ tooling for enhanced production performance on press.  Midway’s specialized tooling sets address a wide variety of manufacturing challenges. 


Enhanced press production performance


There are several different methods for removing slugs and other waste from converted parts or the web.  They range from low tech to high complexity; cost-effective to expensive; and have pros and cons to each method.  Finding the perfect combination for customers is the focus, and Midway has the most comprehensive solutions in the industry for removing web waste – by developing several innovations.

Single-station folding carton tooling, with cutting and creasing performed in a single die station, eliminates the need for cut to crease registration, lowering tooling cost, set up time, and material waste.

    Dual function die sets allow cutting from the top and bottom of the web in a single die station.  This eliminates registration requirements between stations, as well as the common problem of “wander” of the unseen undercutting tool.

      Vacuum anvils (matched to a cutting die) enable precise ‘island placement’ capability.

      Stripping pin anvils (matched to a cutting die) enable extremely effective slug (window) removal in folding carton tooling, and can also be used to remove other scrap and matrix waste at high speeds.

        Phase adjustable gearing enables precise registration of upper and lower tools. Simple on-press adjustment is possible without removing tools.


          we back our work with a guarantee – if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund.

          Most companies claim to create high-quality solutions, have great customer service, technical expertise – but at Midway, we back our work with a guarantee that if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund. With experience in a wide range of markets, we approach each project with the confidence and understanding that no two applications are alike. We take the time to listen to our customers to truly understand their needs and find the best solution custom-fit to their unique challenge.



          Midway helps you exceed industry standards, regulations and environmental protection goals while maximizing long-term performance and reliability. With over 4 decades of industry-leading experience, we put quality first. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and have proudly met specifications for safety and contingency planning since 2002.