user-friendly, foot pedaled operation with all tooling made by midway

Midway’s exclusive photo cutting machine is a self-contained unit constructed of fully-hardened tool steel rotary die providing many uses. 


Easily mountable, manual operation for die cutting photos


User-friendly controls, foot pedal operation, and 110-volt plug in make this cutter the easiest system on the market to operate. With a small footprint, the cutter can be mounted on a rolling cart and brought to the worksite, or used on a tabletop. Industrial grade components and the use of steel throughout assure long, trouble free operation.

Unlike other manufacturers of photo cutting machines, Midway produces all required tooling. Working with

Midway guarantees comprehensive trouble shooting of the entire system without the hassle of dealing with additional component suppliers.

Questions you should ask your potential photo cutting machine vendor:

  • “Do you produce the custom machined dies that are used in your photo cutting machine, or do you buy them from a third party?”

  • “Do you stand behind your product and dies as a system so that any cutting issues can be handled quickly and without hassle?”<
  • “Do you have over 40 years experience in the rotary die cutting business so that you can troubleshoot any potential problems?”

  • “Are you able to recondition the cutting dies when they need sharpening so that you are truly dealing with a ‘one stop shop’?”

  • “Can I easily changeover the cutting dies without complicated disassembly?”


we back our work with a guarantee – if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund.

Most companies claim to create high-quality solutions, have great customer service, technical expertise – but at Midway, we back out work with a guarantee that if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund. With experience in a wide range of markets, we approach each project with the confidence and understanding that no two applications are alike. We take the time to listen to our customers to truly understand their needs and find the best solution custom-fit to their unique challenge.



Midway helps you exceed industry standards, regulations and environmental protection goals while maximizing long-term performance and reliability. With over 4 decades of industry-leading experience, we put quality first. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and have proudly met specifications for safety and contingency planning since 2002.