The support you need every step of the way

Our approach to repairs is unique to each customer. No two customers are the same, nor are any two dies the same. When the die comes in for a retool, we check the blades for any damage, check for wear and tear on the gear and check bearer condition and pitch diameter of the die. 


Midway’s advanced machining technology allows fully-hardened, tool steel rotary cutting dies to be manufactured using machine sharpening techniques creating the perfect blade. Machine sharpened tooling offers the following advantages:

  • Blade uniformity that is unsurpassed in the industry
  • Dimensional accuracy of +/- .001”
  • Improved die life

Once completed, maintenance is a daily requirement and checking for these specific things will help make your die last longer. When resharpening is done properly, the life of the die can be greatly extended.


Expanding the lifespan of your rotary dies is our goal, and with that regular anvil maintenance is key. Removable anvils should be sent in regularly for evaluation and resurfacing. Even anvils uses for pressure sensitive dies only can have uneven wear where the bearers of the die meet the anvil. An irregular anvil surface can lead to die cutting issues or the use of excessive pressure, which both in turn lead to less die life and more cost to you. Midway will resurface anvils made by other manufacturers as well. If you are unsure of how often you should be sending in your anvils for reconditioning, contact your Midway contact to discuss further.


Even the most experienced press operator can make a mistake and damage a blade on a die. Luckily this doesn’t always mean the die has to be replaced, thanks to Midway’s ability to weld blades. We have by far the most advanced machines in place with the ability to even micro-weld if needed.

Our repair services include modifications to existing dies. Changed liners on a pressure sensitive die? Midway can retool the die to the new liner.