die features unique to your specific project challenge

If you’re facing a product challenge that requires a unique blade application, Midway’s design team will collaborate with you to ensure proper fit, and effectiveness are implemented.


Hollow-body tooling, abrasive cutting, micro-perfed blades

Special Tool Machining

Often your rotary converting project calls for a die with unique features.  Would your application benefit from hollow-body tooling for reduced weight?  Deep routing for part relief or thick stock?  Special blade angles to improve cutting of an exotic or abrasive material?  Midway will collaborate with you to assure you are getting all you can from your rotary tooling.  Best of all, we’ll ask the right questions to assure you get exactly what you need from your cutting tool. 

Embossing and Debossing Dies are used in a variety of industries. Embossing dies produce a raised mark while debossing dies produce a sunken relief. This is acheived typically with a male counterpart die set and is used commonly for branding products. The results deliver a sharp and crisp image from the customized artwork that appears directly on die. Best of all, you can reuse the die and repeat image from piece to piece. 

Midway was the first to incorporate “invisible” perforation into engraved cutting tools.  Once only achieved using steel rule dies, now irregular and complex shapes can have all the aspects of an invisible perforation in fully-hardened rotary dies.  Clean edge perforations up to 50 TPI are available.

If you are looking for the best tooling to handle high speed cutting of abrasive materials, Midway has the answer that will not only lower your manufacturing costs, but also increase your productivity. Midway uses a unique self-sharpening blade angle and bearer-less tool design. The self-sharpening blades eliminate reconditioning costs, while the bearer-less design allows the tool to continue to cut as the blades begin to wear.

Midway’s unique design is also versatile: 

  • Whether you need “control depth cutting” to a liner for pressure sensitive applications or “metal to metal cutting” for individual part manufacturing;
  • Whether you are converting sandpaper from a low 120 grit silicon oxide to the most sophisticated glass polishing pads for the eyeglass industry.

Combine the durability and quality of our fully-hardened tool steel dies with the versatility of individual cutting wheels. These units are ideal for lineal scoring, cutting or punching, with quick and simple set up on your press. Midway will help you apply just the right unit to your project.

Midway offers Insertable Blade Sheeting tools, providing a low cost method of sheeting using replaceable steel rule blades.  Because individual and multiple slots may be used as required at any given time, a single tool can do the job of many more expensive dies.

Our CamLoc™ blade holding system allows fast blade removal requiring only ½-turn of each screw.  This unique design also eliminates thread stripping so common with conventional set screw blade holding.  ‘On-press’ blade replacement increases press efficiency and reduces run time.  The CamLoc™ system enables Midway’s lightweight sheeter design, incorporating an aluminum body coupled with fully-hardened tool steel bearers and journals.

Advantages of Midway’s Insertable Blade tooling:

  • Easy “in-press” blade replacement
  • Increased blade life from high accuracy CNC machining
  • Reduced tool noise
  • Reduced weight and shipping cost with aluminum body applications
  • Reduced tool inventory – one tool does the job of many

Three-piece tool design dramatically reduces the weight of large repeat and wide web tooling.  Manufactured using high-chrome tool steel, hollow tooling sacrifices nothing in performance, at a fraction of the weight of solid dies.  Reduced weight means lower shipping costs, when new and when shipped for future reconditioning.

Hollow tooling also offers the ability to pump heat or cold through the die to apply different temperatures to the web as required.  Used as a “chill” roll with cooling systems, these tools can be used to help “set” adhesives on hot melt coating lines.

Segment Dies: Segmented dies require a mandrel that serves as a base surface for the segments to attach to. Once segments wear out or are damaged you replace individual segments, providing a cost effective alternative to an entire die retool.

To accommodate thick materials such as PVC foam or even finished pouched products, die cavities can be deepened to minimize cutting distortion. Added cavity clearance also minimizes web retarding and “bagging” due to web compression. Extra depth routing is recommended anytime thicker materials are to be converted.


we back our work with a guarantee – if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund.

Most companies claim to create high-quality solutions, have great customer service, technical expertise – but at Midway, we back out work with a guarantee that if your tooling does not perform to your satisfaction, we will repair, replace, or refund. With experience in a wide range of markets, we approach each project with the confidence and understanding that no two applications are alike. We take the time to listen to our customers to truly understand their needs and find the best solution custom-fit to their unique challenge.



Midway helps you exceed industry standards, regulations and environmental protection goals while maximizing long-term performance and reliability. With over 4 decades of industry-leading experience, we put quality first. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and have proudly met specifications for safety and contingency planning since 2002.